Vindhya Gurukul College Of Pharmacy,

Durga Mandir, Gosaipur, Chunar, Mirzapur.

Affiliated to: Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow AND Board of Technical Education Uttar Pradesh.


  • College is providing Transport facility to its students.
  • Transport facility is optional for the students. Seat no. is allotted on first come first serve basis to the students who agree to abide by the transport rules of the Institution.
  • All instructions, issued by the competent authority from time to time, must be followed by the transport users.
  • All instructions, issued by the competent authority from time to time, must be followed by the transport users.
  • A penalty, in form of monetary or otherwise, may be imposed on the transport user in case of violation of any notified transport rule or any instruction issued by the management to the transport users from time to time.
  • Users must reach at their respective stops at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time of the stop. Buses will run at the schedule time except in case of traffic / technical problems.
  • Arrival of the buses in the campus is generally scheduled 15 minutes before the starting time of the Institute
  • Departure of all the buses is synchronized by considering closing hours of the Institution
  • Buses are stopped only at designated stops. No stop will be considered, other than the designated stop.
  • Route numbers are displayed on the buses for better identification
  • Users shall board the same bus which is particularly allotted to them. List of the users and the stops will be displayed in every bus.
  • Information of any change in Address, Contact No. or any of the detail provided at the time of availing transport, should be updated with the transport department well in advance of implementation.
  • Although, efforts shall be made to make alternate arrangement, in case of any breakdown of buses due to mechanical fault or any other reason, but no reimbursement / compensation shall be paid.
  • As per order of the Hon’ble Supreme Court , Ragging is a grievous offence. Any one indulging in ragging will be severely punished, which may led to expulsion from the Institution & even Imprisonment. SAY NO TO RAGGING. UGC helpline: 1800-180-5522

Vgc Pharmacy Security

  • Misconduct, unwanted and anti-social activities are strictly prohibited in the bus, violation of which will attract strict disciplinary action.
  • Smoking, Drinking, Violence, Gambling, Playing Cards etc. are strictly prohibited in the transport and strict disciplinary action shall be taken against student involved in any such act.
  • No user is allowed to touch the controls of the bus.
  • Users are advised to board the bus at least 5 minutes before the time of departure from Campus.
  • Any suggestion / complaint, regarding transport, can be submitted with the transport incharge in writing. The same will be addressed in due course of time.
  • For any transport related query, please contact Transport Incharge.
  • Student found travelling in transport without paying the transport charges will be fined heavily.
  • Users are advised to carry the Transport ID card every time while travelling through Transport otherwise fine may be imposed for travelling without Transport ID Card.
  • Transport users must mention their detail as prescribed in the Bus Attendance Register duly signed by them.


  • The TRANSPORT FEE is charged Quartly for One Academic Session
  • The TRANSPORT FEE can be deposited through cash on Window 2.
  • Users are required to deposit the transport fee in advance at the time of availing the transport facility and card is issued
  • The transport fee is notified every year before the starting of the end semester examination of the existing Academic Session and is subject to change depending upon the increase in the operational cost of buses.

NOTE: For any other rules and notices, users will be informed separately by the Management from time to time through notice on the notice boards.