Vindhya Gurukul College Of Pharmacy,

Durga Mandir, Gosaipur, Chunar, Mirzapur.

Affiliated to: Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow AND Board of Technical Education Uttar Pradesh.

About Vindhya Gurukul College Of Pharmacy(VGCP)

The Course of Pharmacy is a branch with practical application in the field of science of medicines. The goal of pharmaceutical care is to provide medication services to patients that cure a disease, reduce or eliminate symptoms, slow the progression of disease or prevent the disease, Pharmaceutical professionals are fully committed to improve the patients quality of life by achieving positive outcomes from medication use. Thus, they hour to be expert on the discovery, development, manufacture and supply of medicines and form on important part of healthcare team.

To meet the increasing demand of qualified and trained personal in pharmacy profession, the entrepreneurs associated with Vindhya Gurukul College have founded Vindhya Gurukul College of Pharmacy at Gosaipur, Chunar, Mirzapur.

Vindhya Gurukul College of Pharmacy is located at distinctive location near spiritual temple of Maa Durga in Chunar, Mirzapur. The College is situated at 4Km distance from Chunar Railway Station and Bus Station.


  • Awakening inner self
  • Development of leadership qualities.
  • To offer academic programs of international standards and recruit highly qualified faculty members who value teaching and research.
  • To create a collaborative environment open to the free exchange of ideas, where research, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship can flourish.
  • VGCP Vision is to disseminate the knowledge & Medicine (Indication, Dose, Mode of administration, site effect etc.) in the Welfare of Society & Scientific community.
  • To instill in the students, the desire to behave ethically. To promote among its faculty members, staff and students the desire to serve the community at large.
  • Our mission is to convert this college into University so that students get higher Education and can do research work.


  • To be a center of excellence in higher education.
  • Commitment to create social responsibilities.
  • Enhance the leadership qualities in the era of globalization.
  • Well-organized institutional and interactive framework.
  • Set the best standards.
  • College aspires to be known for graduating students who far exceeds the expectations locally and globally, adhere to the highest ethical standards and have a real impact on the society through research and innovation.